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Volx, Recreational Water Craft

The adorable little Volx is fun to navigate and is popular around the world being used as a leisure boat for hotels, beach clubs, watersport centers and privately as well. To start driving Volx you just push one-touch button. The joystick responds to right, left, forward commands and moves the vehicle smoothly in the desired direction.


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What makes us stand out; attention to details, precision, zero-emission, and smart solutions.


Volx as they are named can be an addition to a commercial fleet, or just a private family toy. Cute, a lot of fun, so easy to use besides safe and secure. Everybody can use it, from little kids to adults. Even a small child, with adult supervision, can drive this amazing fun boat. With brilliant manoeuvrability, you can also have some real fun whizzing around the waterways in complete safety. Volx can hold two adults and one child. Kids love it!

Precious and Exclusive

These unique, fiberglass and foam-filled Volx are safe, in fact unsinkable, perfect fun for calm seas, rivers, lakes, canals and especially the broadwater and can operate in less than a meter of water. There is nothing like being out on the water in this nifty and quick little Volx. It feels like you’re off on a family adventure, yet relaxing at the same time taking in the beautiful backdrop of the coast.


We care about nature; our electric propulsion watercraft are eco-friendly and help to protect our precious nature.



Our mission is the production of quality Electro WaterCrafts with smooth cruising performances and great comfort. What makes us stand out; attention to details, precision, zero-emission, and smart solutions.

Overall Length2.5 m
Overall Width2.2 m
Empty Weight260 kg
Draft0.2 m
Cruising Speed6 km/h
Maximum Speed10 km/h
Hull MaterialFiberglass
Electric Motor1.2 kW
Battery Li-Ion2-4-6 kWh
Charge Voltage220 Vac
Charging Time110 m
Range (min. speed)4-5 h
Range (max. speed)2-2.5 h
Charging Current30-50 A
Capacity3 Persons
ColorsRAL Colors

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